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We have the BEST fans!

One of our favorite fans sent us wine to share during an upcoming celebrity chef night! check out his blog here! http://

We’re sooo excited!!! 

7 December 2011

Chef Emily

Alias: Emo

Hometown: Centennial, CO

Inspiration: St. Lawrence

Favorite Ingredient: Peppers

Advice: “Cook small things with great love”

5 December 2011

Chef Kathryn

Alias: François

Hometown: West Omaha

Inspiration: French

Favorite Ingredient: Milk

Advice: Stay Golden, Ponyboy

Chef Jonathan

Alias: Jolly Green Giant

Inspiration: Julia Child and Rihanna

Hometown: Edina, MO

Advice: ‘Love the people you cook for because the food will always turn out fine.’

So we haven’t had a celebrity chef in a while, so Jen decided to make us sloppy joes!

Except I hate sloppy joes, so I was lame and had some pasta instead. So I decided I didn’t deserve to be in this week’s photo. Yay apartment dinners!


31 October 2011

Chef Andrew

Alias: Silly Pants Jackson

Inspiration: Hunger

Favorite Ingredient: Brown Sugar

Hometown: Tipton, KS

Advice: Be the person you want to be …(#leslie)

17 October 2011

Chef Sarah Alias: Chocolate Sugar
Inspiration: My mom
Favorite Ingredient: Brown Sugar
Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Advice: ‘always taste test’

(Source: celebritychefsarah)

3 October 2011

Chef Christopher
Alias: Florentine
Inspiration: Guy Fieri
Favorite Ingredient: Cheese
Hometown: Topeka, KS
“always experiment”


our featured chef will be cooking for the army of four ;)

REAL FOOD! #so excited. 

Stay tuned ;)

  26 September 2011: Flan

Chef Bryan

Alias: Nicola

Inspiration: My mom

Favorite Ingredient: Vodka

Hometown: Baldwin Park, CA

Advice: "party hardy"

Monday, Sept 26th

So today, after a bunch of boring class/homework related things, we had our apartment dinner, except this time, Bryan joined us. Emma made a big pot of pepper-jack mac n’ cheese and Bryan made some flan— super delicious :] 

I stopped by Jonathan’s homemade cider program (got the second-to-last cup!). Went to Mass at 9:30 and went to Willie’s afterwards for Beer Monday. 


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