GUESS WHAT!?! Our favorite fans are GRADUATING! <3 We are so excited for you! 

GUESS WHAT!?! Our favorite fans are GRADUATING! <3 We are so excited for you! 

"I can see your foot slipping"

- “hello Priesthood.”


(Said when playing on a playground, straddling the jungle gym.)

Have you tried sushi?

No, but I nearly did once. One of my acquaintances from school once was telling me about how he likes to make his own sushi and how he’d make me some soon and I could try it. But it’s been three years and he gradated and still no sushi…

No :)


Not yet! :)

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I don’t need a smart phone. When I get bored I just stare at the wall.

A night out in Weston!

A night out in Weston!

The Fields of Athenry

I’m sexy and I know it" or "These are the words I would say

Pregnant" by Cold War Kids 

You are the one" by Matt Hires



Spring Break 2012 plans?

Working at BoDiddley’s :)

Leading the North Dakota Mission trip, baby!

Building houses in El Salvador for a mission trip.  

Family time! and studying for senior comps :/

What kind of milk do you prefer to drink?

I don’t drink milk.

Whole or 2%

1% all the way!

I really don’t like milk actually…but at home, 1%. In the caf, I mix Chocolate and Skim.  

would you rather be bald or have a mustache?

Bald. Definitely bald.

BALD! defs not a mustache- they itch!

Bald. For sure. 

Bald. Absolutely. 

Is that donut water?

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